Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy, developed over 2000 years ago. It will aid, among other things, to reduce stress, and promote clarity of mind, mindfulness and body awareness.


what is yogaFor most people, yoga is a form of exercise. Yoga classes have a main focus on the physical aspect of yoga: moving your body into poses on a yoga mat. Depending on the type of yoga, you might hold these poses or flow from one pose to the other. The most important thing in yoga is the breath. Whether you are holding a pose or flowing between poses, your breath is your guide and your feedback partner.


For some people, yoga is much more than just exercise; it’s a philosophy and a lifestyle. What yoga will be, or already is, for you depends on you.


If you are interested in trying yoga, or trying one of my classes, have look at the Yoga Classes page and contact me. I’m sure we can arrange a trial lesson!