Since a few weeks, I teach a regular Saturday morning yoga class (10am in Patchway, contact me if you’re interested in coming :)).

Between teaching on Saturday morning and Sunday evening, I have some blissful time to myself.

In that time, I try to chill and do fun things. Unfortunately, some days I need to do some chores and house stuff. Not the most fun you can have on a weekend. Unlike some people, who prefer to do all their chores during the week, I am much  better suited to do it on the weekend. I feel there’s already too much going on during the week.

But that does leave me with days like today; it’s lovely outside, I am quite tired, and I need to really do some stuff in my house – I think having some clean cutlery will come in handy when I try to have dinner, for instance.

Oh, my delicious scones and clotted cream!

Oh, my delicious scones and clotted cream!

So I made three decisions:

1) I would do some stuff today that I find fun, but are also somewhat productive. Such as going to the Whiteladies farmers market. I needed to get some groceries anyway!

2) I will not do all the household stuff in one day, but instead split it over the two days the weekend holds. This will mean I have to do less both days and will have more time for actual fun stuff and relaxation

3) I am going to treat myself to some nice food for lunch, so that I feel all nice and relaxed and happy. Normally I’m quite aware of what I eat and I try to keep it relatively healthy. Today I had scones and clotted cream for lunch. Yep, not the most healthiest of lunches, but it made me oh-so happy. And the scones were gluten free…!

Now, I am ready to do some more chores and household work. Anybody else make deals with themselves to convince yourself to actually do chores??