The prices for each service I provide.

Please note that all types of massage are priced the same, except for chair massage which has a different pricing structure.

If you have questions about the prices or want to arrange a discounted price, please contact me. I am sure we can work it out!



Prices for Yoga Classes

Group Classes

Prices for group yoga classes depend on the time of day/week and the venue. Check back here for updated information.


Private Classes

Prices for individual lessons:

1 hour         £ 60

1.5 hour     £ 80


Prices for block booking:

10 x 1 hour        £ 540

10 x  1.5 hour    £ 720


Private class at your own home. If you have people that want to participate in a private class, we can arrange an appropriate price and potentially rent a space.


Prices for Massage

(NOT chair massage)

1 hr        £ 40

1.5 hr    £ 55

2 hr      £ 65

Available in your own home.


Chair massage

The general price is £1/minute, but this is variable depending. The pricing structure can be changed depending on the number of people treated and whether a repeat contract is agreed.

For companies or at festivals.


Prices for Workshop

The prices for a workshop depend on the number of people attending. Please contact me for more information.