Nuad Boran (traditional Thai massage) is an ancient massage originating from Thailand. This unique form of massage is performed on a mat on the floor while being completely dressed (no oil is used).

There are two styles of Nuad Boran:

  • Southern style Thai massage is heavily influenced by China, and includes mainly the use of pressure on acupressure points throughout the body.
  • Northern style Thai massage is heavily influenced by India, and includes many yoga like stretches performed by the therapist. It is a combination of yoga and acupressure. This style of massage is often referred to as yoga for lazy people.

I offer only Northern style Thai massage.


thai massageWho should receive Thai massage

If you feel tired and want to relax, traditional Thai massage is a fantastic option for you. It promotes serenity and well-being while affecting the whole body, increasing flexibility and lubricating joints.


Who should not receive a Thai massage

If you have joint problems, are in the first few days of your period, or have a limited range of motion in one of your limbs, Thai massage is not for you.

If you are pregnant, I recommend having a Thai Pregnancy Massage instead of having a traditional Thai massage.


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